OOC: I’M BACK BITCHES (and humans and male dogs.) (and I’m not really back) (sorry for making this title so long on your dash) (sorry)

Well this blog needs to be dusted off. Wow, it has really been awhile since I was last one here. And somehow I’ve gained followers while I was gone. This just proves that I’m much better of when I keep my mouth shot (it’s supposed to be a joke but now sounds kind of depressing).

Anyway, I’ve missed this blog. I’m just so proud of it and I love the FMA community. If you’re still reading this I guess you’re really bored or that you actually care for what I have to say, so I will just keep on talking for a little while longer, okay?

The reason for me going away is simple: I though is wasn’t good enough in portraying Ed. I still don’t think I am. It may have something to do with him being such an important character of mine so that I’m too afraid to make him my own. I just don’t feel like I was doing a good enough job (god, I really take this kind of things to seriously, don’t I)

Still reading? Thank you!

I might come back. I really miss role-playing and right now it looks like my other rp blog is falling apart. Maybe I will give it another try. The worst thing that can happen is that I fail (scary!).

Still reading? Here, take a hug: BEAAAAAARRR HUUUUG

I’ve got nothing more to say now. So go back to scrolling and being the beautiful creature I know you are. Bye my love. (too intimate?)

What kind of person is your master…?

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